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interchangeability – the property of a component of a design of a product providing possibility of its application in a place of other its part, without additional processing, with preservation of the set quality of a product;

Assembly cars for components with plenary conclusions are supplied with the contacting devices which carry out assembly operations right after interface of elements. distribution for these purposes was gained by a way of the soldering an oplavleniye the Au-shaped electrode. As material of an the tungsten or molybdenum which are not moistened of which make individual or group equipment is used.

In this academic year project I considered the principle of operation of my device, designed its design, made the flow chart, made a choice of processing equipment which is applied at assembly and installation of payments, and also executed calculations of mechanical durability, a design of a product, reliability, topology of the printed-circuit board, electromagnetic compatibility, made a choice of those of process.

Designs of the designed device it is executed so that to satisfy everything to quality indicators of a product. The basic element of the printed-circuit board is developed taking into account an optimum arrangement on it of ERE, thus all types of face values of ERE applied in the scheme can be replaced with the similar.

It should be noted that the first method is used in single and small-scale production and not having automated processes. The second generally in small-scale, in sredneseriyny partially, and the third and fourth in a large-lot production and mass.

the designs which are not intended for work in chains with voltage. This group has to be provided with grounding in the form of the tires and wires connected to the shop grounding contour through resistance of 1 Megohm;

Configuration of a design a way of placement in a certain space of the completing elements and their communications. Configuration of a design can be divided into two levels: functionally cascade and functionally nodal. It is necessary to minimize the volume of designs and its weight, at preservation of accuracy of performance of the main functions. Considering that the fact that the projected product contains one payment, we choose functionally cascade method including replacement of one or several elements on a payment that is the lowest link of configuration of designs to functionally cascade method is ERE.

In a subtractive method as a basis for printed circuit wiring folgirovanny dielectric on which the carrying-out drawing by removal of a foil from unnecessary sites is formed is used. Additional the chemist - galvanic metallization of assembly openings leads to creation of the combined metallization of printed-circuit boards.

Varnishes of UL-231, EP-730, EP-914, ML-92 alkidno milominovy varnish, KL-835 silicon organic varnish. The specified varnishes are applied generally as covered at an obvolakivaniye however for moisture protection of printed-circuit boards, flexible cables, high-frequency knots.

For an exception of accumulation of elektichesky charges of static electricity on a surface of the equipment it is recommended to use for a covering of a working surface of tables materials with high electric conductivity.

Technological effectiveness of a design of a product – set of the properties of a design of a product shown in possibility of optimum expenses of work, means, materials and time at technical training under production, production, operation and repair of a product in comparison by the corresponding indicators of the same designs of a product of one appointment. Technological effectiveness as set of properties of a product is in close connection with other properties of a product. Otherwise, WEAVE set of the properties of a product defining ability of its design to optimum expenses of resources by production and operation for the set indicators of quality, volume of release and a condition of carrying out work.

Polymeric materials and compositions on their basis are applied to sealing. Impregnating varnishes are more often used. Consisting of substances and solvents which are found in classification of accelerators of an otverzhdeniye and funtiuida.