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Therefore, veterinary and sanitary examination and the technology of livestock products which is highly developed on an industrial basis developed and are important achievement of modern culture ­ societies.

The outstanding role in the organization of bases of a veterinary in boyensky production belongs to M. A. Ignatyev ( of XIX. A lot of things in this direction were made also by I. M.. He developed a technique of research of lymph nodes at veterinary and sanitary examination of meat. Dairy business also developed in this period rates. The significant contribution to development of technology and sanitation in meat production of the beginning of the XX century was brought by P. N, Andreyev, G. I. Gurin, D. V. Devel, N. N., F. P. Polovinkin, M. I. Romanovich, etc., and in development of production — N. V. Vereshchagin and A. A. Kalantar.