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At the secondary circulation of stocks participants of securities market are obliged to report to the holder of the register about the transactions made by shareholders of this issuer. The holder of the register enters these data in the register of shareholders.

The additional share issue can be carried out only after the statement by general meeting of results of the previous issue, entering into authorized capital of the changes caused by the actual implementation of earlier issued stocks and repayment of unrealized actions. At an additional share issue shareholders (owners of voting shares) have preimu-

par value; name (name) and location/location of the shareholder; a dividend rate (at fixed the dividend; signatures of two responsible persons of society; press of society. In the absence of one of the listed requisites certificates of actions are invalid.

The shares acquired by shareholders are placed. The stocks issued in addition are called declared. The quantity and par value of that and others, and also an order and conditions of their placement are defined by the charter of society.

The board of directors, proceeding from a financial condition of society, competitiveness of its production and prospects of development, makes the decision on a concrete ratio of the sizes of the net profit shared in the specified directions. It is not excluded that during the separate periods the profit will not go for payment of dividends to shareholders, and in a bigger size will go for production and social development of labor collective or other purposes.

it can be expressed in the absolute sum and as coefficient. The coefficient, or an interest rate of the dividend, is defined as the relation of the dividend income in terms of money to the par value of an action. The interest rate of the dividend defines profitability of an action.

Growth of this indicator testifies to the successful activity of the joint-stock company guaranteeing high dividends and increase in the actual stock price. Its decrease leads to a conclusion about trouble in use of the share capital and attracts need of the detailed analysis of activity of the joint-stock company.

The important document for registration is the charter of the joint-stock company approved by the constituent assembly. Are reflected in the charter: type of society; subject and purpose of its activity; structure of founders (participant; trade name and

At a choice by members of labor collective of the second option of privileges of 51% of the shares acquired by them it was estimated at the par value increased by 1,7 times. In that case issue cost exceeded the nominal.

At the expense of net profit the special fund of incorporating employees of society can be formed. However it has to be provided by the charter of the joint-stock company. Means of this fund are intended only for redemption of stocks of society, sold by shareholders, and their further placement among the workers.

Exist kumulyativnye1 preference shares, actions, convertible in ordinary or exclusive, repayable (otzyvna, preference shares with fund of repayment which are voting and not voting preference shares, etc. The quantity and par value of the emitted actions of each of these types both placed and declared is defined by the charter of society.

After carrying out registration of participants of general meeting the counting board defines quorum (shareholders or their representatives possess in total> 50% placed voting shares) if the quorum is not present date of new meeting with the same agenda appears (for this meeting quorum of 30%).

At payment of actions and other securities by non-monetary means a payment is made in a full size of their cost. The property brought in payment of actions at creation of the joint-stock company is estimated on the basis of the agreement between founders, and in the subsequent at payment of additional issue of shares and other securities – on the basis of the decision of board of directors.