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So, according to the researches conducted by the Stanford in chemical industry from 540 new ideas before researches reached only 98, receiving a prototype of a product — 8, and the commercial success was made by only one product.

A. Whether the offer be patented can? Whether B. Zapatentovana the competing goods? V. Kostsa comes to an end period of validity of patents? Whether G. Dostupna patents of the competing products on a license basis?

Any enterprise is put before a dilemma: from one of an innovation are necessary, with another — in the market only the part (sometimes very small) development comes to the end with success. Numerous though quite diverse, data confirm that the level of unsuccessful production in the market is quite high.

The given data and examples prompt a way of an of innovative activity — to provide purposeful strategy of the enterprise, organizationally to adapt it (within a certain strategy of an innovation) for work with novelties. During process the enterprise creates new potential, estimates them, eliminates the least attractive, studies idea of consumers of them, develops production, tests it and introduces on the market.

In the last decades environmental problems, in particular recycling became more and more important sources of ideas. The somehow to use garbage will accustom to emergence of innovations necessary to people.