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Experience of the manufactory organization a suknodeliya had huge value during preparation of production of goods for industrial revolution. But in the 18th century the manufactory system in the most developed branches of the English industry reached a deadlock. Discrepancy between the capitalist nature of the manufactory seeking for production expansion and its narrow technical basis affected. Though the manufactory also provided a production partition on separate operations, but the manual equipment became obsolete. The new technical base was required.

In the 16th century expansion of base of the English cloth industry was required. Demand for wool increased, and cultivation of sheep became extremely profitable business. But for big herds also big pastures were necessary, and on the earth there were small-scale enterprises.

Many countries creating SEZ consider that they will promote development of backward areas in economic sense, modernization of technologies, receiving new nou-Hau, to training of own experts and workers in new methods of work, and also use of own raw material resources for production of export production.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that "the new course" of F. Roosevelt assumed realization of two interconnected criterion functions: first (tactical) - a conclusion of the USA from a crisis situation; second (strategic) - creation of economic bases of society, a socially oriented market economy.