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In the form of dilemmas it put forward the following three main problems: (whether there is in the world an evil and if yes, that what its source? (the material or spiritual source is inherent in the movement, life and consciousness? (Whether has or has no exceptions in the action fatalism?

From the second half of XVP of century France strongly and for a long time takes the leading place in art life of Europe. But at the end of Louis XIV's board in art there are new tendencies, new lines, and art of XVSh of century should develop already in other direction.

Classicism arose on a crest of public raising of the French nation and the French state. The rationalism leaning on philosophical system of Descartes was a basis of the theory of classicism, an object of art of classicism was proclaimed only fine and sublime, as an ethical and esthetic ideal antiquity served.

In the history of philosophy of the XVIII century Voltaire won to himself a place as the propagandist of a sensationalism of Locke among the French educators and as the thinker who sharply formulated and put a number of problems though and did not solve them.

Classicism gradually gets and into cult architecture at all survivability of architectural traditions of the Italian baroque. But most of all architects are occupied by a problem of a ratio of ensemble of the palace and park. Louis Levo and André Lenotr for the first time try is perspective to solve this problem in the palace and the Viscount park near Melen. The palace fairly is considered a prototype of the main creation of the second half of XVP of century - the Palace of Versailles and park. It was constructed by Levo, and at the last stages Arduyen Mansar took part in his construction. The exterior of the building of a klassitsisticheska is strict, alternation of windows, pilasters, columns creates an accurate, quiet rhythm. All this does not exclude magnificent decorative finishing, especially in an interior. Interiors of the palace consist of a suite of magnificently cleaned rooms.